Request a date and time for your adventure here. Check the schedule at the bottom of the page for available dates and times. After you make your request, a Local Starship representative will contact you for confirmation, so please include contact information.

1. Schedule your reservation

Desired date and time
Reservation length in hours

2. Provide your contact information

Given name is also commonly known as first name.
Surname is also commonly known as last name or family name.

The given name and surname will be used to address the individual during followup communication such as confirmation. As the individual making the reservation, you will be referred to as the Executive Officer (or XO) and will be the point of contact for coordination and payment. The XO may or may not also serve as the Captain during the mission.

XO email address
XO phone number

3. Build your team

Name of your team. This will show in the reservation list (as shown below) once your reservation is confirmed.
How many people will participate. Suggested minimum is 3. You can reserve with fewer with the expectation that more may join. Current facilities allow for a maximum of 6.
This indicates how you feel about people whom you may not know joining your team for this reservation. "Required" means that your reservation will not proceed unless you get others to join your team. A Local Starship representative will contact you to confirm any request to join your team for this reservation. You may contact Local Starship to update your reservation if desired.