Frequently Asked Questions

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You take on the role of one of several officers and operate the applicable ship console. The basic roles are Helm, Weapons, Engineer, Science, Relay and Captain. If you don't have six crew members, some roles can be combined. For example, the Helm and Weapons functions can be combined into the Tactical console, or Science and Relay can be combined into the Operations console.

  • Respond to Captain's instructions
  • Set starship heading
  • Engage impulse engines (forward or reverse)
  • May engage jump or warp engines (depending on ship configuration)
  • May fire thrusters for combat maneuvers
  • Dock and undock

  • Respond to Captain's instructions
  • Raise and lower shields
  • Target enemies
  • Load, unload and launch secondary weapons (if available):
    • Homing missiles
    • Nuclear torpedoes (aka nukes)
    • Mines
    • Electromagnetic pulse missiles (aka EMPs)
    • High velocity lead impactors (aka HVLIs)
  • Tune beam weapons for maximum enemy shield penetration
  • Tune starship shields for maximum protection from enemy beam weapons

  • Respond to Captain's instructions
  • Manage power levels for all ship systems (if present):
    • Reactor
    • Beam weapons
    • Missile system
    • Maneuvering
    • Impulse engines
    • Warp drive
    • Jump drive
    • Shield generator (front & rear)
  • Manage coolant levels for all ship systems
  • Direct repair crew

  • Respond to Captain's instructions
  • Report on local space
  • Scan local objects (simple scan and/or deep scan)
  • Provide optimum beam and shield frequency to Weapons
  • Provide research data
  • Scan remote objects via probe

  • Respond to Captain's instructions
  • Communicate with starbases and ships
  • Deploy probes
  • Requisition reinforcements and resupplies
  • Hack enemy ship systems
  • Provide navigational waypoints
  • Report changes in space via shared sensor data

  • Ensure crew safety
  • Ensure mission success
  • Ensure effective communication
  • Plan next action
  • Coordinate combat tactics
  • Set priorities
  • Manage main screen

Local Starship LLC
120 Wanda Way
Suite 209 (second floor)
Hurst, TX 76053
Just off highway 10 on the North side. The right hand exterior staircase leads to the closest entrance to suite 209.

At this time, it would be difficult for a wheelchair constrained crew member to get to the bridge. It's in an older building on the second floor and there is no elevator or ramp. If the business succeeds, we could move to a location with better handicapped access.

Local Starship does not provide any food or drink. The building lease specifically excludes alcohol and drugs.
However, there is a break room available with a refrigerator, microwave, table, chairs, counter and sink where crews can bring their own food and drink for consumption while the starship undergoes repairs in space dock, is caught in a temporal loop or is otherwise unavailable (or the bridge crew simply needs a break).

Crews may request to reserve a starship for just about any time. Be advised, the environmental controls (known in the local vernacular as HVAC or heating, ventilation and air conditioning) function optimally between 8:00am and 10:00pm every day. The Local Starship space dock facilitator sometimes has other responsibilities. The best way to be sure your crew successfully launches their mission is to request the date and time desired at least two or three days in advance.

Go to the Reservations page. Complete information about your starship bridge crew and the time you would like to undertake your mission. The existing reservations appear at the end of the reservations page. Check to be sure you are not reserving a time that has already been reserved. Once the reservation system is fully automated, that scheduling conflict check should be done automatically, but that automation is not yet in place. A Local Starship representative will contact you to confirm your reservation, so be sure to include an email or a phone number.

The Celestial Unified Fleet (CUF) subsidizes this program since earth based governments do not have an intrasolar much less an interstellar space program. However, CUF struggles with the intricacies of a currency based economy. Consequently, Local Starship must still charge for this service.
Rates vary based on demand, but the quote you receive from the Local Starship representative that confirms your reservation will be accurate.
These rates should provide a guideline:
$ hours
30 1
55 2
80 3
100 4
These rates do not include tax.