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All personnel, report to your duty stations.

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Join up today for an adventure of interstellar proportions. The call of strange worlds beckons. Encounter alien starships and serve with like-minded officers. Put your mettle to the test and enlist today!

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  • Respond to Captain's instructions
  • Set starship heading
  • Engage impulse engines (forward or reverse)
  • May engage jump or warp engines (depending on ship configuration)
  • May fire thrusters for combat maneuvers
  • Dock and undock


  • Respond to Captain's instructions
  • Raise and lower shields
  • Target enemies
  • Load, unload and launch secondary weapons (if available):
    • Homing missiles
    • Nuclear torpedoes (aka nukes)
    • Mines
    • Electromagnetic pulse missiles (aka EMPs)
    • High velocity lead impactors (aka HVLIs)
  • Tune beam weapons for maximum enemy shield penetration
  • Tune starship shields for maximum protection from enemy beam weapons


  • Respond to Captain's instructions
  • Manage power levels for all ship systems (if present):
    • Reactor
    • Beam weapons
    • Missile system
    • Maneuvering
    • Impulse engines
    • Warp drive
    • Jump drive
    • Shield generator (front & rear)
  • Manage coolant levels for all ship systems
  • Direct repair crew


  • Respond to Captain's instructions
  • Report on local space
  • Scan local objects (simple scan and/or deep scan)
  • Provide optimum beam and shield frequency to Weapons
  • Provide research data
  • Scan remote objects via probe


  • Respond to Captain's instructions
  • Communicate with starbases and ships
  • Deploy probes
  • Requisition reinforcements and resupplies
  • Hack enemy ship systems
  • Provide navigational waypoints
  • Report changes in space via shared sensor data


  • Ensure crew safety
  • Ensure mission success
  • Ensure effective communication
  • Plan next action
  • Coordinate combat tactics
  • Set priorities
  • Manage main screen

Patrol Fleur Nebula

A dramatization demonstrating the basics of Empty Epsilon.